Feng (also sometimes called Feng the Unstoppable) is an orc formerly of the Howler clan.

Feng the Unstoppable

History Edit

Feng was formerly a staunch supporter of Korgul, respecting the chieftain's strength and ambition. However he was also cunning enough to ensure that his own supporters were numerous enough that he remained valuable. He acted as an advisor to Korgul, suggesting that following orders (even those of a rakshasa) made the Howler leadership seem weak.

Description Edit

Feng is a burly, muscular orc with dark hair and skin, prominent tusks, and vivid scars. He fights with a variety of weapons, and is a seasoned and ferocious war chieftain. Feng's reputation and influence over divided orcs has been dramatically reduced after he was defeated by Vantis almost casually, and since then the barbarian's mood has begun to grow steadily blacker.

In the Campaign Edit

Feng disagreed with Korgul's decision to remain in Lyrelda, and wanted to return north. Eventually he decided to challenge Korgul, but before the fight the chieftain was killed by Vantis and Lannus on the platform in Lyrelda's gallows square. Feng might have attempted to take Korgul's place, but decided against it after he lost face in a brief fight with Vantis. Feng did not join Ravana in her attack on Arkad, and his current location is not known.

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