Daroth Ryzin

Daroth Ryzin is a knight of Charn and the last living dark elf.


Daroth lived thousands of years ago in Charn, serving the godking Samon Yazid as a knight. Like many of his fellow knights, Daroth was repeatedly sent on quests to recover imprisoned genies for the godking. During one of these quests he encountered a basilisk which turned him to stone, which allowed him to survive Gael's wish to stop the hearts of all the dark elves.


Daroth is handsome and polite. He has inky black skin, long white hair and red eyes. He carries ancient and powerful weapons and armour, and is a skilled, graceful fighter. He believes the final Charn wish should be used to reverse the wish the sand elf Gael used to eradicate the dark elves. He believes that in this way the city of Charn should be restored, and argues that Vantis carries this debt, that the wish belonged to the people of Charn.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus used magic to return Daroth to his true form when they discovered him beneath Charn. Daroth thanked them and left to discover how much the world had changed. Daroth later attended the betrothal of Kaori Valarion to Lorenzo Garazzi in the company of Maria Caradici, and spoke of strangers watching him from the shadows and the rooftops. Some time later he mysteriously vanished.

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