Darcassen Voss Valarion

"The Imperial Throne offered you our key in good faith, and was rewarded with treachery."

Darcassen Voss Valarion is the current Archmage of Andros and the Emperor of Thrane.


Darcassen Voss studied in Andros and rose the position of Master Wizard relatively quickly. He found that doors opened to him because he was a member of the Imperial family. After Kaori's strange disappearance, Darcassen Voss became Emperor of Thrane.


Darcassen Voss is a tall thin man with grey hair. He is an extremely powerful wizard, most skilled with transmutation magic. He has a powerful voice and dresses in striking clothing, and is respected by most of his fellow Thranish wizards for his intelligence and ambition.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus visited Darcassen Voss in Andros to ask him to help defend Corhyr from the Howlers. At first the wizard was reluctant, explaining that there was some unrest in Thrane and the Corhyrians would almost certainly not help Thrane if the positions were reversed. However Vantis pursuaded Darcassen Voss to send Vedansh and nine other wizards, and in exchange guaranteed the Thranish a position on the council which would determine how best to use the third Charn wish. Vantis also agreed that given Maharion's instrumental role in organizing the Charn expedition, Darcassen Voss would have the authority to veto any proposal that did not have otherwise unanimous support.