"Hobgoblins? Howlers? The gods must hate that city."

Daln - now known as the Sanctuary to Abigail and her followers - is a Thranish city on the northern edge of the Great Waste.


The city of Daln was constructed around the Eternal Fountain - a fountain which never runs out of water around. Because the city is situated on the border of Thrane (and because of the historical conflicts between Tashar and Thrane), the city was designed to be extremely defensible. The Thranish Imperial family valued the Eternal Fountain so highly that they built a second palace in the centre of the city.
Daln Marketplace

Daln Marketplace


The walled city is divided into four quarters - the Upper Quarter, the Lower Quarter, the Steel Quarter and the Merchant's Quarter. The Upper Quarter contains landmarks such as the Cathedral of Prometheus, the tower of Calantyr, the Eternal Fountain and the house of Lady Elena Dyrian. Some popular inns in Daln include Kaldor's Tavern and the Red Snake Inn (managed by a half-elf named Sandra). Talmorian's Dungeon is the best place for adventurers to buy equipment. One major landmark in the Upper Quarter is the Imperial Zoo, established in Daln when Empress Kaori visited Daln after the hobgoblin occupation. It was managed by the retired adventurer Mira until the rakshasas (Ahiravan and Ravana) confined there were released by Srana, and now the ogre Churg has taken over. 

Daln Map

The regular exhibits include zebras, elephants, snakes, tigers, giraffes and ostriches, though there are also underground cells designed to contain even the most malevolent and powerful creatures (those which would be destroyed were it not for the scientific knowledge experts could gain from studying them). Some cells were constructed from rare and valuable materials or warded with powerful abjuration magic, and at least one Thranish wizard once remained here at all times to ensure that the protective spells remained active. This area is also open to the public for an additional fee, though visitors have to keep to a safe distance and children are not allowed in at all. 

Daln Gardens

Vantis created several gardens in the city of Daln

In the CampaignEdit

The day the hobgoblins of Tashar led by the jackal lord Kahaeshan conquered Daln, the Eternal Fountain stopped flowing. This event was followed by a brutal occupation - Kahaeshan's Waste Preachers desecrated the cathedral of Prometheus (later restored by the Thranish) and many Thranish citizens were murdered. Vantis and Lannus exposed and defeated Kahaeshan (when the jackal lord's life ended the fountain began to flow again), after which General Grarl surrendered the city to the Thranish. The Empress Kaori spent some time attempting to restore the city, until she was forced to flee when Daln fell to the Howlers led by the gnoll Srana and the rakshasas Ravana and Ahiravan.
Imperial Zoo

The Imperial Zoo

After the Howlers left, the city was taken by Abigail and her followers. Abigail has declared that everyone is free to enter, but if they break her laws then they will be branded, cast out and never allowed to return. Vantis assisted Abigail in creating several gardens in the city.

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