Corhyrian Landscape

Corhyrian Landscape

Corhyr is a land to the south of the Great Waste and to the west of the Dwarven Principalities. The capital of Corhyr is Asora, though Arkad and Lyrelda are also important settlements.


Corhyr has almost never experienced war or hardship. The Corhyrian Council consists of the heads of seven houses, one of which is chosen by the others as the High Lord. The seven greater noble houses of Corhyr are Caradici, Garazzi, Daviara, Aldaya, Valantos, Corazon and Mandriga. The current High Lord is Antos Corazon of Arkad. Corhyr has not suffered war or hardship for many centuries, but has prospered as a result of trade pacts with Tashar, Thrane and the Dwarven Principalities. Since the appearance of the bread of heaven, however, the Corhyrian council led by Lord Corazon decided that the resources provided by their allies (mainly ores, food, weapons and mercenaries) were no longer so urgently required. They decided to end the trade pacts, a decision which has been criticized by their political opponents.


Corhyr produces wine, fruits and fabrics. It has fertile farmland, and the landscape is said to be the most beautiful in all the world. The river Alessa defines the geography of Corhyr, and the capital Asora lies where the river meets the coast. The Corhyrian people have tanned skin and dark hair.

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