Churg sweeping an enclosure

Churg, sweeping an enclosure

Churg is a former bandit and zookeeper.


Churg's family fought with the bandit Azgar. Not wanting to continue his life of theft and murder, Churg left Azgar and tried to find work in Daln.


Churg is kind and gentle for an ogre, and enjoys working with animals. He has greasy black hair which he rarely washes, and as a result smells filthy.

In the CampaignEdit

Churg helped Vantis and Lannus find Azgar at Vulture's Rock, where he was forced to fight against his own family. He was later pardoned by the Empress and allowed to assist Mira with her work at the Zoo until she died. He now runs the place himself - though the only monster he currently has in captivity is a sandworm.