Calantyr is a Thranish master wizard.


Calantyr studied in Andros with his friend Talmorian. During his youth he joined a group of adventurers including Kaldor and Mira. When he retired he constructed a tower in the Upper Quarter of Daln and retreated inside. He has not emerged from the tower since, even during the hobgoblin and howler occupations. Some have attempted to breach the defenses of his tower, but most have been defeated by his traps and angrily hurled spells.


Calantyr is old and somewhat hunched, with long white hair and a short beard. He is extremely reclusive, and exhibits a bad temper on the rare occasions when he is disturbed. He is extremely skilled with evocation, but is also interested in the school of conjuration.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus once persuaded Calantyr to help them restore the transformed Nicholas to his original form. They later broke into his tower by climbing ivy (hoping to convince Calantyr to provide them with teleportation magic) and accidentally activated a gateway which took the form of a mysterious painting.

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