Brakus was the chieftain of the mixed gnoll and orc horde known as the Howlers.


Brakus and his gnoll mate Srana led the Howler clan from the Pit of Screams. His reign was rarely challenged due to his battle prowess, and he maintained control of the clan for eight years - until he was killed by his son Korgul (by another mother) who then took Srana for himself. Brakus once defeated the Corhyrian hero Rashid in combat, but chose to leave the adventurer alive for unknown reasons.


A grim-looking orc with many scars and a black beard, it was said that Brakus never smiled. Despite this, he was famous for his jokes and sense of humour. He was said to be a bold and inspiring chieftain, yet wise enough to avoid leading his clan into ambitious or dangerous conflicts. Brakus was a skilled negotiator, forming alliances with other orc clans as well as with various sand elf chieftains. He was often merciful to those travellers passing Tal Dara who surrendered their provisions to him without a fight, and fed only those who resisted to the gnolls. This might merely have been an impression he liked to cultivate, however, as bands of travellers sometimes disappeared completely while crossing his territory (perhaps when the clan had been having difficulty obtaining food).

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