Blakula was a half-orc.


Born a Pig, Blakula left his clan to become a kinless orc after his political opinions clashed violently with the consensus of his tribe. After some time wandering the desert in search of water, Blakula staggered into Tal Dara.


As an adolescent, Blakula was bitterly disappointed with savagery of his primitive people. He dreamed of leading his own perfect clan, a clan of orcs which the smug citizens Corhyr and Tashar would respect as virtuous equals. However it might be argued that he himself fell short of this lofty ideal, as his behaviour sometimes became destructive and nihilistic.

In the CampaignEdit

Blakula met Vantis and Lannus in Tal Dara. He half-heartedly decided to join them in search of adventure, but drew no distinction between sanctioned quests and criminal endeavours. After losing a drinking contest to a minotaur at the inn, Blakula agreed to stand guard while his companions entered the house of the wizard Akred. Blakula instead set the building ablaze while they were inside and then disappeared into the swirling sands.

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