Badeb was a goatfolk village to the north of Tashar.


Badeb was ancient - the last remaining goatfolk mountain village other than Atazar. The tiny village was tolerated or ignored both by the Thranish and by the hobgoblins of Tashar. The sand elves of the Vulture Clan sometimes raided Badeb, but the goatfolk generally placated them with offerings of food or prisoners. It is believed that the goatfolk of Badeb (and the village burned to the ground) were all killed by the rakshasa Idrajit on orders from Ahiravan.


Badeb lay in a hidden valley sheltered by tall trees. The homes of the goatfolk were crudely made and they foraged for food. The goatfolk worshipped the Lord of the Wastes, offering sacrifices to him and his servants and leaving their fallen to the vultures. 

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