"Tazrak? Forget him. I am your king now."

Azgar was a bandit and marauder who attacked merchant caravans in the waste.


Nothing is known of Azgar's early history, but he became infamous as a bandit for eight years. He attacked merchant caravans between settlements such as Daln, Tal Dara and Lyrelda. His attacks were known to be particularly aggressive and daring, and he expressed disdain for the rulers of the people he preyed upon. He was wanted by Thrane, Tashar and the Merchant's League for crimes beyond count - including murder, banditry, torture and slavery.


Azgar was a hulking fighter who carried a greatsword, a glowing red helmet and a heavy suit of armour. He was a vicious fighter, infamous for his cruelty and ability to inspire terror in his enemies. He seemed to have no plan to retire, though he had amassed a large quantity of gold over the years. He relished opportunities to display his combat prowess, often offering captives the chance to win their freedom and their gold by defeating him in single combat. His actual physical appearance was not known, and as a result there were rumours that Azgar's helmet hid the face of a demon or rakshasa. He seemed to When Lannus removed the helmet, however, he discovered the face of an ordinary looking man.

In the CampaignEdit

Azgar encountered Vantis and Lannus as they first approached Daln. After demanding that they hand over their possessions, Azgar fought Lannus and defeated him with a few blows. A hobgoblin patrol later captured Azgar, and the hobgoblin general Grarl released Vantis and Lannus in exchange for their service. Azgar was presumeably offered a similar deal, as he returned to his marauding some time later. Vantis and Lannus later tracked him to Vulture's Rock with the help of the ogre Churg and killed him.

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