Arkad is a city in Corhyr.



Lina the Innkeeper

This magnificent Corhyrian walled city rests on top of a great hill, providing a magnificent view of the land for miles around. It is sometimes called the City of Blades because the local culture honours adventurers, and duels are frequently used to resolve conflicts. The three council members from Arkad are Lord Leo Aldaya, Lord Dario Mandriga and the High Lord Antos Corazon. Inns in Arkad include the Crossed Swords (run by a Corhyrian woman named Lina and favoured by adventurers), the Crooked Staff (an expensive and exclusive establishment) and the Twisted Root Tavern (run by an old man named Vino). Some other notable locations include the Setting Sun Playhouse in the Upper District and Tarrish's Treasures, where adventurers can buy all kinds of equipment.

In the CampaignEdit

Tarrish's Treasures, Arcane Trickster

The merchant Tarrish

Vantis and Lannus came to Arkad to protect the city from the Howlers led by Ravana and Korgul. During their stay they tracked down and killed a servant of Ahiravan named Razak. They later attended a war council at Lord Antos Corazon's estate, during which the rakshasa Ravana used sorcery to temporarily possess the High Lord. Later Ravana led what was left of her horde against Arkad, but was defeated. The battle was notable historically in that the Thranish wizards led by Vedansh used wands of necromancy against the Howlers, raising and commanding the bodies of the fallen to defend the city.

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