Andreth is always cheerful

Andreth was a Thranish criminal.

History Edit

Andreth came from the Thranish town of Kaslan, and it is rumoured that he came to Daln because he had caused some kind of trouble in his home town. He worked as an enforcer for Sloan until the two had some kind of disagreement and became alienated.

Description Edit

Andreth had a cheerful and friendly demeanor. He took pride in his appearance and made sure that he is presentable at all times. However he seemed to have absolutely no conscience and seemed to spend all of his energy on poorly planned schemes to swindle others out of their wealth.

In the Campaign Edit

Shortly before Kahaeshan seized Daln, Andreth assembled a huge store of water barrels. It is unclear how he anticipated the failure of the Eternal Fountain, but what is clear is that he planned on selling the water at an exorbitant price when the people of Daln began to die of thirst. However Vantis and Lannus restored the fountain by killing Kahaeshan before Andreth was able to complete this plan, and shortly afterwards discovered Andreth's plot. Andreth escaped, but his body was later discovered by the city guard. His throat had been slashed.

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