Aksaan of the Owl Clan

Aksaan is an old elf druid and the chieftain of the Owl Clan.


Aksaan might have become chieftain, but his brother Kehsaan was more charismatic and ambitious. Aksaan was attempting to turn the Owl Clan away from raiding towards hunting, foraging and possibly even farming - though his efforts were thwarted by his younger brother Kehsaan, who served the Lords of Dust. It is believed that he is descended from Gael.


Aksaan appears thin and frail, like a dry leaf. He speaks softly and with great thought, and his eyes betray the centuries they have seen come and go. He has long dark hair and a solemn face. He is considered wise by his followers.

In the CampaignEdit

Aksaan became chieftain when Vantis and Lannus killed his brother Kehsaan. He then established an alliance with Orzan Shadowslayer of the Lion Clan. After the emergence of the bread of heaven and the revival of Bruador, Aksaan has taken a passive approach towards leadership. Despite this, he accepted the responsibility of representing the sand elves at the upcoming council regarding the issue of third Charn wish.