Akred was a Thranish wizard.


Akred studied wizardry in Andros for many years before he established a commercial project in Tal Dara, selling equipment to adventurers and mercenaries. One of his old teachers was Maharion himself, and they remained in contact long after they moved apart. He also served as an agent and source of information for the Thranish wizards (mainly Maharion) in the region.


Akred was dark-haired and thin, with a look that suggested some Corhyrian ancestry. He was intellectual and eloquent, but had a certain disdain for the less educated. He kept to himself, but was careful to assist Margus of the Black Hand mercenaries whenever he could. He was skilled with divination magic, and used scrying to observe the women and girls of Tal Dara when they were unclothed. Whenever he felt threatened, he summoned air spirits to defend his home from intruders.

In the CampaignEdit

Akred hired the minotaur Ruskar to kill the kenku Erian and obtain the first adamantine key for Maharion. Vantis and Lannus later stole this key from Akred as Blakula burned his home to the ground. Some time later, the hobgoblin brothers Slaeg and Azor interrogated and killed Akred in an attempt to find the keys. Akred's Corhyrian cousin Elenora now manages his wares.

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