"It will be I who presides over the end of days, not my sister."

Ahiravan is the son of the dread rakshasa Khreeshan and the brother of Ravana.


Ahiravan is one of the Lords of Dust. His history is largely unknown. At some point Ahiravan killed the Corhyrian hero Rashid and then used illusion magic to assume Rashid's identity - keeping the adventurer's head (disguised as a rakshasa head) as a trophy. It is likely that Rashid tried to kill Ahiravan in order to take the third adamantine key, which the rakshasa held.


Ahiravan seems to be more patient and careful than his sister, putting much more thought into his decisions and usally more willing to negotiate with his enemies. He wears a red cloak with golden jewellery and speaks in a deep, booming voice. His true form is beautiful, sleek and elegant. He claims to be sympathetic, and all his victims die painlessly. Ahiravan ultimately believes that life is suffering, and he considers it a great honour that he has been chosen to oversee the end of the the world. He considers it a kindness to the mortals whose lives he will be mercifully ending. He is contemptuous of self-proclaimed heroes, considering traditional heroism to be a worthless gesture intended only to win validation and to stroke one's ego. He considers his own crusade to be truly virtuous.

In the CampaignEdit

Bone Dagger, Khratash

Khratash, the Dagger of Eradication

During his impersonation of Rashid, Ahiravan offered Maharion an adamantine key in exchange for inclusion in the expedition to Charn. However he was exposed at Ramandu's Rock and imprisoned. He was sent to the city of Daln to be displayed at the Imperial Zoo, and later released by the gnoll Srana. Since then he has apparently travelled to Shavarath, while commanding the rakshasa Idrajit to kill or capture the goatfolk of Badeb and Atazar. Vantis and Lannus were later told by a mysterious sphinx that Ahiravan planned to summon the Beast by killing the last of a race with the dagger Khratash (a vile artifact capable of killing all of a subject's existing and future descendants with a single cut) on the Altar of the Apocalypse.