Abigail is the founder of the Church of the Provider and the informal ruler of Daln.


Abigail was a blackskin nomad who had experienced much suffering in her life - including the violent deaths of many of her children and grandchildren. After the arrival of the bread of heaven, she attributed this miracle to a benevolent deity called the Provider. She began to gather followers and established a camp in Tal Dara, declaring that she would lead her flock to a promised land of peace and prosperity.


Abigail is a kindly, dark-skinned old woman. Those who have met her speak of her wisdom and her fervent dedication to her god and her followers. She claims that she receives dreams and visions from the Provider. Abigail remains popular with the masses by living among them, spurning the luxuries of the rich and powerful.
Followers of Abigail

Followers of Abigail

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus encountered Abigail in Tal Dara. She claimed that the Provider had spoken to her in her dreams and told her to lead her people north, and that the line of trees and flowers along the road to Daln was a sign from her god. She found the gates of Daln open and claimed the city, declaring that it was her people's promised sanctuary. She later refused Vantis' request to take her people south to defend Corhyr from the howlers, though stated that she would not ask anyone to stay against their will.

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